Prom night is a farewell evening that students are waiting for at the end of the year after three years together. Originally, the prom night was a dance party performed to celebrate the graduation of students from high school in the western country.

Here’s how to make our fashion look good for prom night:


Shortly after we know when the prom night event is held, it’s time we start planning what fashion we want to wear in the prom night. We can start looking for our favorite dresses and suitable accessories. Choose the color and design the dress to your liking. In addition you also give enough time to ‘resize’ or ‘add a particular design’ if needed Planning from afar will make us have more time to search for what we need and more freely to make choices so we will be better prepared to perform maximum.



This is the most important thing to consider when choosing clothes. What a beautiful dress if we feel uncomfortable and tortured while wearing it. Wearing uncomfortable clothes will also reduce the fun in our face. Choose clothes that fit our body size. You can also buy it in a dress shop or can also shop online dresses. Choose the color and model of the dresses to your liking.

You can also to make your own dream dress

  • Take Bride Party Shoes While Trying Dress Prom
  • It is important if you plan on wearing high heels on Prom Night events, no matter your Custom Made or Lease Prom Dress, you should take it with her shoes when you go to the boutique. This is to make sure the dress you choose is long enough and your height after wearing the party shoes.
  • Do not be shy about asking the right underwear
  • Some Prom Dress models require the wearer to wear certain underwear. For example for a dress with a model modern or model traditional you should not wear a strap bra. Trivial things like this if not observed often become ‘fashion disaster’ and interfere with the comfort of the eye of the viewer. Do not be embarrassed to ask the sales clothing boutique for the right outfit to be in tune with the Prom Dress model you wear.
  • Do not Come In Large Group
  • Finding a Prom Dress in a group with classmates may seem fun, but it’s actually not so wise as more and more people are getting more opinions. Choosing Party Gown is different from shopping for regular clothes. A Party Gown is your self-styled expression in a ‘certain moment’ where as the dress is worn you become stunning, prominent and confident. Just invite one or two people who you know their opinions can you believe.

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A stack of accessories will make you look like a walking shop. Simply wear a pearl necklace or bracelet that is again the trend now and we will look charming.


Stiletto is the right choice to match with dress. We can choose shoes with open-toe models, or sandals of high-grade platforms. But if we do not really like high heels, we can make ballet shoes or sneakers with glamor colors like silver, gold, rose gold, or whatever we think matching and comfortable.


For those of us with long hair, we can tie our hair sideways or clamped part of the back as shown below. Horsetail model can also really to used, to equip for the prom event. Try it on the body

Never choose Prom Dress with just eyes, but try to be put on the body. Most dresses look unattractive when hanging on the hanger, but if it has worn look very riveting. By wearing a body dress, you can notice the ‘falling dress’ is good / not in accordance with the contours of your body. And most importantly, you should feel ‘Comfortable’ and ‘Beautiful’ when wearing the dress. A dress style may look beautiful on someone else’s body but not necessarily in our own body. So do not be lazy to try dress!

7.Be Private Special

Every human being is created unique, so whatever style of Prom Dress you choose remember to always ‘Stay True to Yourself’, so you will look Unique, Confident and Beautiful on that special night.

  1. Notice the complementary appearance

In addition to the dress you wear, you also need to know the complementary appearance such as high heels and accessories such as jewelry and your hairstyle.

If your dress has a motif with bright colors and also has a heavy accent like lace and such, then the jewelry you wear is recommended not too crowded. For a simple look then use