It doesn’t matter what you need the animal costumes for – Halloween, a costume party or play, you will catch fun making your own costume from the scratch. You can start with sea creatures for your homemade Halloween animal costumes. The best part is that you can come up with unique costumes using items you already have at home.

Mermaid Costumes

The major trick to crafting a real mermaid costume is to feature a mermaid fin on your costume, in a way that would enable you work without obstruction. One of the ways to play the trick is to sew a fin on only one leg of your pants. Make sure that the fin somehow tilts off to the side.
An alternative option is to use stretch fabric to create the fin. This will enable you make grand and quick steps, and not sluggish and slow steps. Typical examples of fabrics in this case would include spandex or ribbed cotton.
And, when it comes to suitable accessories for mermaid animal costumes, you can hardly go wrong with a long wig decorated with hair clips that feature seashell.

Jellyfish Costume

You can come up with a great home-made Halloween costume by mimicking a jellyfish. Your major materials for this craft would include iridescent plastic streamers and a clear plastic umbrella. This costume is great for cold weather because you will stay dry in the costume and curdle as much as you can under the umbrella.
Creating a jellyfish costume is as simple as taping the plastic streamers to the plastic umbrella. If you’ve taped it correctly, the taped materials will hang down just like the tentacles of a jellyfish.
If you want to embellish your jellyfish costume more, get some glow-sticks and tape them to the inner part of the umbrella. This will create an illusion of growing jellyfish body.

Crabs/Lobsters Costumes

You only need a couple of accessories to craft your crabs/lobsters costumes, plus clothing that complements the color of the accessories. Create the antennae by attaching few orange or thick red pipe cleaners to a headband. Use craft foam to create giant mittens, which will result in a pair of crusher claws.
You should cut a bunch of legs out of the craft foam when making a crab costume. Then, attach the legs to your torso area.
Use a cardboard or craft foam to craft a fan-shaped tail for your lobster animal costumes. Next, use a belt or ribbon to attach the tail to your waist, so that it can flab behind.
Obviously, it costs less to create your own animal costumes at home, plus it is a fun task to embark on. However, a store-bought Halloween costume comes quicker, easier, and also smarter.