Finding the best swimwear Canada for your body type is not always the easiest task. There are so many different types of swimsuits and so many different body types, that at times it is such a hard decision. With all of the different styles, including one piece, halter tops, triangle bikinis, high-waisted bottoms and boy short bottoms, the list could go on forever, and it makes it overwhelming to choose a style. To make things a little simpler for you, we have the five most common body shapes (diamond, hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle) that one can use to help make a good swimsuit decision. Check over these different body types and see if it helps you in making a little more informed decision on what swimsuit fashions that you might like to wear this season.


You tend to have even shoulders and hips, but with a little thicker waist. To best fit a diamond body type, one-piece swimsuits and high-waisted bottoms are great choices to create the illusion of a smaller waist.


Most styles will look great with the hourglass body type. Your top and bottom are evenly proportioned, so try something that will show off your figure. For hourglass shapes, two piece swimsuits of any style are a great choice. One piece swimsuits can show off your figure really well, so those are great options as well.


From top to bottom, your body is evenly proportioned. For rectangle body shapes, you want to create the illusion of some type of curves with flutter tops and bottoms. Any type of details, colors and embellishments around your bust or hip line will help create the illusion of curves.


Your hips tend to be wider and you have more narrow shoulders. To best suit triangle body shapes, you want to emphasize mostly towards your top, in order to take away from your wider hip region. Choose a swimsuit top with some bold colors and embellishments. You can choose your preferable coverage for your bottoms as you wish, whether they are high-waisted or triangle bottoms.

Inverted Triangles

With wider shoulders and more narrow hips, you will want to put more emphasis on your hip region. For inverted triangle body shapes, you should try a variety of colors and details on your bottom half to even out your top half. Halter top swimsuits are always a great choice, while boy short or bikini bottoms with strings are a good addition as well.

Although, certain swimsuit styles are recommended for different body types, do not let that stop you from choosing what is your favorite swimsuit fashions. There are so many different styles that one can favor, and that is okay. If you are a diamond shape and love the swimsuit style, then you wear that triangle bikini and rock it well! We encourage comfortability, style and individuality, so do not let these recommended swimsuit styles stop you from what you absolutely love to wear.