Depending on the type of person you are, a family trip to Disney World could be a dream come true or your worst nightmare making it into your reality. There’s no hiding the fact that it’s not exactly a relaxing vacation, but it is indeed the most magical place in the world. If you hit it during a time where it’s not 95 degrees from the moment you wake up to the moment you step foot back in your hotel room, packing to look cute gets a lot easier. Half the battle is the dripping sweat you’re going to face walking around the parks all day. Also for the record, you don’t have to go with little children to have the best week of your entire life in Disney World, you just have to get into it a little. The rides aren’t going to be the ones you see in Universal, but Disney offers so much more (and many photo ops if you’re into that). So, if your family planned this year’s vacation in Disney, where you’re bound to get more steps in a day than you ever have before, you’ve got to prepare.

Don’t forget your sneakers

If you’re not a sneaker person, you’re about to become one. There is no possible way that you’re going to manage walking around a park like the Magic Kingdom while sporadically waiting in lines that can reach over an hour while wearing flip flops. Your feet will actually be screaming by the end of day one. You don’t have to wear those hideous Sketchers your parents wear, but definitely invest in a cute pair of Nikes before the trip. You’ll use sneakers again in your life and they will make the trip that much better for you, I promise.

You can’t go wrong with a romper

Really think about the end result of wearing those tight jean shorts in the heat all day while walking before you make the move. Unless you have some sort of super skin, chaffing is a real thing. If you don’t want to wear gym shorts and a t-shirt like most other people in Disney World, you can definitely look cute and go with a Veronica M Romper. They’re cute, comfy, and you can move around freely.

Pack that hat

Even if you’re not a hat person, pack a hat. Baseball cap, visor, bucket hat, or cowboy hat, it doesn’t matter. Your head is going to be in the direct sunlight all day long and that’s not going to be fun when you get in the shower at night. Plus, a hat can really bring together a casual outfit. Even if you go with those running shorts and a tank one day, you’ll look more like an athlete and less like a hot mess if you bring a hat along with you.

A Maxi dress

You might not wear a maxi dress while you’re exploring the new Pandora world at the Animal Kingdom in the middle of the day, but the parks are open pretty late. Once the sun goes down, you’re a little safer from the sweat and hot sun. You’re also probably going to go to a decent place for dinner so you want to look like you at least tried to look the part. Maxi dresses are flowy, airy, comfortable, and can be fancy. Casually walking around the parks at night or sitting for a dinner calls for a nice maxi dress. They’re easy to pack, easy to wear, and look nice too.

Bathing suit and cover up

Even if you don’t visit the two water parks in Disney World, your hotel still probably has a pool. Even if you’re not willing to waste any time at the pool while you could be in the parks, there are still some rides that get you wet. When you’re planning on riding Splash Mountain, wear your bathing suit and a cute cover up to the park. It does have to be a legit cover up because Disney World is a family place, but you can play around with this and make yourself look pretty darn good.