When you tie the knot for life, you promise that you will be with your wife in all her moments, whether they are happy or sad. And when it is her birthday, the most special day of her life, you should plan to make it even more special. It is your duty as a husband to make her feel even special on her birthday, by bringing her a cake and a birthday gift. However, selecting the right cake for your wife could be a difficult task.  So, to help you out, here are 5 creative cake designs that you can choose from to woo your wife on her birthday:

  1. Heart-Shaped Cake

One of the best and safest choices that you can opt for; get your wife a heart-shaped cake on her birthday. She would like it even more if you get a heart-shaped red velvet cake. A heart-shaped red velvet cake will obviously make her happier, as both, the heart shape and the red velvet flavour symbolize romantic love. The moment you take the cake out of the box, she will instantly fall in love with it.

  1. Customized Cake

If you don’t want to go with the standard affair you usually get at bakeries and want to make the cake a bit more personal for her, you can get a customized cake. You can design the cake and have it made. Keep in mind that you should go for a design that appeals to her and not with something that you find interesting. Make it a cake that she will never forget.

  1. Multi-Tier Cake

If you like to make your wife’s birthday celebration a grand event, then opt for a multi-tier cake. The cake makes for an appropriate choice when it comes to making any celebrations grand. And what’s more, she wouldn’t be expecting a multi-tier cake for her birthday. It could even be a throwback to your wedding if you had a multi-tier cake on your wedding day as well. And don’t forget to invite your family and friends to your wife’s grand birthday celebration.

  1. Photo Cakes

Birthday cakes with a photo are a great idea if you are confused about what design to go for. It will also be a more personal and intimate design for a cake. Opt for a picture that shows the bond you two have or shows your wife at her most beautiful. You can easily order a birthday cake with photo online, as there are multiple portals providing this option.

  1. Sugar Free Cakes

With everyone paying attention to their health, sugar free cakes have been gaining popularity. You can go for a sugar free cake if your wife is health conscious. Getting her a sugar free cake for her birthday would allow her to indulge a bit, without affecting the healthy lifestyle she has adopted.

Choosing a birthday cake is of course a difficult task. Her birthday is one of the most special days of her life and you need to ensure that the cake is equally special, irrespective of whether you buy it by visiting a bakery or if you order it online. But, with so many gifting portals, you can easily buy a birthday gift for your wife online, along with the cake. This will be much better as it will give you time to plan the birthday celebrations for your wife more thoroughly and meticulously. And with our suggestions, you can be rest assured that her birthday celebrations would be an event that she won’t be forgetting soon.