As a nation, a recent survey on various diets and nutritional information found that most are not meeting a lot of dietary needs. The amount of fat, sugars, and salt are high and you have issues in getting the fibre, vegetables, and fruit coupled with the lack of oily fish. This has led to a huge amount of adults being overweight and obese, but also not taking in enough micronutrients. Gabriel’s Angels recognise the importance of nutrition in the care environment and their carers are trained in food preparation, nutrition and hygiene.  So where does the information come from on what makes a healthy diet versus a bad diet?

Do Your Research

What is shocking is most of the people think that the best place to get food advice is the labels and the Internet. While the labels are the most accurate information, a lot of the information that is found on the Internet is not that reliable. You will find that you have an easy way to check. You will find the Information Standard is the scheme which has the NHS England support to establish accreditation and provides reliable and trustworthy information that people need to have when they are looking for reliable nutritional information. You will fin on the NHS Choices website they are going to have about 220 organisations listed that are members of the scheme, but the websites will display the information that is needed for the logo.

Reliable Sources

You will find that health care professionals are often seen to be the most reliable sources. The registered dietitians are the best professionals for the diagnosis, treatment, and nutrition problems that are starting to become a major issue. A shocking fact is the title of a nutritionist is not one that is defined by law, so anyone is able to call themselves a nutritionist for the time being. You will notice that the Association for Nutrition is trying to remove this problem with a registration of nutritionist. When the people do register, they are going to have to demonstrate the knowledge of the job and know which one of the jobs they are doing to help people out.

What else is not helping is the fact that food bloggers are starting to make a decision on the type of food that people should be eating. A common item that is used is coconut oil, which is a cure-all, but it has a lot of fat, raises cholesterol, and it does not really have any health benefits that have been found. Often, you will find that agave, honey, and even nectar is seen as a healthier choice than sugar, but it is still a free sugar that should be reduced in the diet. You will find that fruit juice provides vitamins and if you make them in a smoothie will give fibre. You will notice that the smoothie will count a 1 of the 5 a day portions, but should not have more than 150 ml because of the amount of sugar it holds.


You will notice one thing that is brought up a lot is superfoods. You will notice that all the fruits and vegetables are good for us to use, but if you are choosing the ones with the health halos all the time you will not only spend a fortune but still have to eat some of the other products that can help give you a healthy diet. You will notice that you will not want to avoid some food groups completely like some diets recommend as this only leads to a nutritional imbalance in your body.

UK Guidelines

You will notice that the UK guidelines are based off scientific evidence that is available to help you in avoiding some of the chronic diseases that you can get from improper nutrition that can happen from when people are not getting the right guidance on the food they are eating.